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Tips For Selling a Junk Car

Tips For Selling Your Junk Car

Even if your car is old and battered, it may still have some value as scrap metal. If you’re looking to get rid of an old car, here are a few tips for selling your junk car.

If you have decided your car is too old to be kept in your garage, you might be better off selling it rather than sending it to a scrap yard. The reason is that, if junk cars are left somewhere to rust, they can be harmful to the environment – cars contain toxic oils that leak over time.

Aside from saving the planet and accumulating less garbage, selling your junk car can give you a good amount of cash. Scrap Car Removal Etobicoke provides quick money for your scrap vehicle in a fast and convenient fashion – to know more, visit our website

In this blog post, we will provide you with some tips for selling your junk car! Keep reading to find all information you need to know:

What is Junk Car Scrapping?

We call car scrapping the process of selling parts of a vehicle to scrap buyers. Upon taking your junk car for scrapping, it will be cleaned to eliminate any toxic liquids and its parts will be analyzed to then be segregated – either they will be used to repair other vehicles or recycled.

Scrap Car Removal Etobicoke can assist you with your junk scrapping – just reach out to us at 647-483-0521!

What Are Good Tips For Me To Sell My Junk Car in Etobicoke?

If you want to scrap your junk car at a good price in Etobicoke, there are some steps you must follow through. Here are some good tips to pay attention to if you want to sell your junk car:

1. Collect All Information on Your Car

Check the basic available information about your junk car:

  • Who built the car?
  • What year was it built?
  • What model is it?
  • What is the size and weight of the vehicle?
  • What is the mileage of the car? 
  • How much did it cost at the time you bought it?
  • How much did the scrap metal cost when you bought your car, and how much does scrap metal cost now that you want to sell it?

All this basic information will help you get an estimate of how much cash you can get for selling your junk car. You can get $100 or even $500 – it all depends on your junk!

2. Inform Your Insurance Company

You should let your insurance company know about your decision of scrapping your car – even if you already got a new one. Service Ontario also must be notified of this decision!

3. Contact Scrap Car Removal Etobicoke

Now comes the best tip of all: by reaching out to Scrap Car Removal Etobicoke, you guarantee that your junk car will be sold for a good price! All you have to do is ring 647-483-0521 and we will answer you.

4. Transfer the Ownership

When we meet you to get your junk car, you must remove your belongings from it, give us the keys and of course – transfer the ownership of your car to us. We will give you your cash once we evaluate the information you provided to us!

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Why Choose Scrap Car Removal Etobicoke

Our carefully trained team will provide you with excellent customer service and take good care of your junk car for you – by giving it eco-friendly scrapping. 

We go to you on the exact same day you contact us, and happily guarantee your satisfaction as a customer. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you need a free estimate, you can contact us and we will happily assist you.

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